Alpha Scientific – Power distribution company in USA

Alpha Scientific Electronics is deemed to be one of the most leading power electronics manufacturers in the USA. We specialize in the comprehensive modeling, production, prototyping and testing of the up-to-date high-precision power units. Our clients are offered an extensive product line including particle beam accelerators, high-performance industrial rectifiers, superconducting power supplies and battery chargers.

If you are looking for a reputable electronic equipment supplier, which has already made the colossal contribution to the power electronics industry, Alpha Scientific Electronics company will be the best option. We place greater focus on designing fully customized items that meet your specifications. Our team of highly qualified engineers is constantly working on innovative components. At our company, we help to cultivate our workers’ ambitions and appreciate our customers’ preferences.

Established Distributor of Electronic Components

Being the renowned power supply company in the USA, we have successfully managed to establish long-term relations with the vast majority of the U.S. National Laboratories, Research Universities, Military Authorities including Naval Sea Systems Command and NASA. That means we take great pains to provide our clients with unparalleled product quality. In addition, the enthusiasm of our workers in combination with the latest technologies of our engineering department prove enormous capabilities of the company.

The legacy of Alpha is really overwhelming. It is hardly possible to suppress the truth in this case. You can easily trace our contributions through the lens of history. We have been involved in the manufacturing of the most powerful battery charger for the Navy’s submarine, set of industrial power supplies for the 45-Tesla Hybrid Magnet and much more. However, today we produce sophisticated made-to-order goods including stinger power supplies and microprocessor-controlled converters.

You can find more information about the company and its product line by browsing our website, calling, faxing or emailing us. We are always here to help you by all possible means.