Our Accomplishments

When we say Alpha is a world leader, it’s not just a cliché. Alpha has a prestigious list of accomplishments. Alpha is proud to have a part in these major advances.

TRIUMF, Canada, 1972

The precision, 30,000 Amp main power supply of the world’s largest cyclotron.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1975
Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility

The main bending magnet power supplies at the world’s largest electrostatic particle accelerator. Including one unit at the top of this tower, at a potential of 25 million volts.

Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1970
LAMPF Accelerator

Alpha is the predominant manufacturer of magnet power supplies, at the world’s most powerful proton beam accelerator, with more than 100 units in operation.

U.S. Navy
Charleston Naval Shipyard, 1992

The U.S. Navy’s most powerful sold-state submarine battery charger was built by us. Today, this unit charges every new submarine battery going into service, including the batteries aboard this advanced Seawolf Submarine. 600 kilowatts.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 1999

This Alpha power supply delivered the world’s highest current into a superconducting magnet (40,400 amps). Not only can this power supply deliver 1.6 megawatts into the magnet. it can precisely control the same amount of power returning back from the magnet’s stored energy.

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, 1999
45-Tesla Hybrid Magnet

The world’s highest continuous magnetic field is produced using the combined outputs of five Alpha power supplies. This combined output is 76,000 amps, and is accurate to better than 0.76 amps.

Solution Spotlight: Australian Synchrotron

The Australian Synchrotron storage ring consists of 28 dipoles, 56 focusing quadrupoles, 28 defocusing quadrupoles, 98 sextupoles, 42 horizontal correctors, 56 vertical correctors and 28 skew quad correctors. The 28 dipole magnets are series connected and powered by a single 24 pulse power supply that was designed, constructed and tested by Alpha Scientific Electronics in collaboration with the Electrical and Control Engineering Teams at the Australian Synchrotron, Paul Bellomo at SLAC and Stan Cohen at Los Alamos.

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